Shades of Adolscence

With my very first novel, I introduce you with the shades of adolescence, a story of  three best friends Samay, Madhav and Aamir and an ordinary turned extra ordinary girl Sakshi and how they cherish the flavors of adolescence. It narrates all attributes one experiences in his teenage. It is about Physics, spell of nature,  friendship, love and attraction to opposite sexes! Check out the experience of growing up with Samay!!

Everybody in life goes through amazing situations, especially when one is in adolescence. This transitional phase of life from childhood to adulthood brings spectacular physical and psychological changes in one’s life which is remembered for good. The same is expressed here in the story of a young man who remembers all the unusual experiences of his life during teenage that made him taste the bit of life. Possessing every quality of a good human being, this man, Samay, who ponders over his past, recollects what all adolescence had once introduced to his life; anxiety, curiosity, new subjects, stiffer muscles, essence of friendship, fragrance of love and much more. Though, we grow old each day, still we all crave to go back in this dynamic phase of life. Check it out, who knows that may be you too would disrobe the piles of the past and discover your true self!


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